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Our philosophy was to stay connected with the spirit of the new era of hospitality and to provide high quality services.

Named after the area with the same name of the Cavnic mountain town, the Roata Hotel was opened in December 2007. The Roata Hotel is your ideal host in any season, giving you comfort and intimacy close to nature. The tranquility and greenery that surrounds it, make it a superb destination for leisure and business travel. Just a stone’s throw away from the ski slopes, you are always close to the amusement amid nature.

Situated in the heart of Maramures, the town of Cavnic offers tourists in addition to the great hospitality of the people, present all over Maramures, also a picturesque landscape still untouched by people’s action, ideal for hiking, along with ski slopes. Although not long ago a mining town, Cavnic is now a tourist area due to the proximity to the Maramures county residence, Baia Mare. The town of Cavnic is one of the favorite destinations for leisure, for organizing various personal, social or business events.

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